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In 1963 the second Roxboro N.S. was built. It was a two teacher school, and as the local contribution was paid by the Hanly family, Carrowcrin, it was known as the “Hanly Memorial School”. In 1984 a third classroom was added to this building.

It was built voluntarily by the local community.

In 2003/2004 a third Roxboro N.S. was constructed. This was a five classroom school and since then 3 further classrooms have been added (2010, 2015 and 2016). However, there was a school in the area long before our first school was built in 1865. Micheál Ó Braonáin ran a Hedge School during the time of the Penal Laws. We have a copy of a page from his Roll Book, dated 18th January 1796. This may be the oldest Roll Book in Ireland!




Our School Crest

In the school year 1992-1993, a decision was made by school authorities and parents to provide a school uniform for the pupils. This uniform consisted of a skyblue shirt or blouse with navy skirt or trousers and navy jumper.

Mrs. Freda Gavigan designed the crest. The crest was a badge shaped one with four sections, each one related to an aspect of our schools ethos. The top-right quadrant showed the Celtic cross signifying our Christian Faith, passed on to us down the centuries. The top-left quadrant showed the open book, signifying the love of learning of the Irish people, a love that has blossomed down through the centuries and of which we are so proud.

The bottom- left quadrant shows the oak leaf, reminding us of the place-name, Doireán, an oak wood, bringing us back in time to an era when Ireland was covered in forests and in this area, the oak wood. The bottom right depicts the football, showing the interest taken in Gaelic Games by teachers and pupils in the school, and the many times our school partook in these games and competitions.

Our school crest is a reminder of the values we cherish and need to preserve into the future.

The motto “Laborare est orare” – “to work is to pray”, was then added.



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